26.05.11 - Pause Fest 2011

The DMCI is honoured to be involved in the inaugural PAUSE FEST.

"Pause Fest is an amalgamation of the cultural, creative and commercial world, the global digital scene and national impetus, showcasing the work of leading creative minds of the 21st century.

The fest presents the best and freshest work from global thinkers that dare to innovate and brake the rules to set new standards, thus making it the essential meeting point for all who want to experience the future in all formats.."

Check out the festival details via: www.pausefest.com.au

Spread the word.

11.04.11 - Official Branding Partner for 2011 PromaxBDA Europe

Because we did a cracking job of the branding for the 2010 AusNZ PromaxBDA, they asked us to do more of the same for Europe.
We’ll update you properly, but we provided all print/marketing collateral (invites, conference booklet and awrd show elements) as well as updating our 2 openers to fit the big ass screen specs of superwide 2700x900 (3:1).

Would love to see that. Check in for a bigger update post the event.

25.03.11 - 30 Day Challenge

DMCI Designer, Zena Santos set herself the task of creating an illustration a day for the whole month. At the end of it, she would produce a complete piece made up of the last months endeavours.

Check them out here: Zena Santos


25.03.11 - Save Japan

We have all followed the tragic events that have befallen our brothers and sisters in Japan over these past weeks. DMCI Designer Bernard Tan felt compelled to produce this piece as an act of solidarity.

Please give generously, help save Japan.

'Olive' is a wiki-style site for posting practical guides and tips for quake survivors (from Nosigner):
Japanese: olive-for.us
English: sites.google.com/​site/​oliveinenglish/​

Peace, One Love.
Help spread the word! Supporting Japan through Design.

02.02.11 - The DMCI featured in February Desktop Magazine

We have had the fortune of being featured in the February issue of DESKTOP Magazine.
A nice write up. Feel free to check it out at the Newsagents or download below for a nice read over a cuppa.



18.01.11 - The DMCI’s Inaugural Harbour Cruise

On a mutha-f*#!%! boat y’all! Great day, great weather, great friends and colleagues. One of the best ways to start 2011.
Try and get on the boat for next time.